Recent Calls
Sun. Jan 31st 2021
At 80 units were dispatched at 2130 hours assisting Rostraver Central Fire Co with a fire alarm sounding in a local restaurant. Command arrived on scene and found cooking set off the alarm and cancell...
Fri. Jan 29th 2021
At 1335 hours 80 units were dispatched to a local grocery store for a vehicle vs pedestrian accident. 80 Assistant 1 (Ceccarelli) arrived on scene first and found the patient was moved into the store....
Thu. Jan 28th 2021
At 2230hrs 80 units were dispatched to assist Monessen Fire Companies with a fire alarm sounding in a local high rise. Crews found that smoke from a blown out candle set the alarm off. Command release...
Wed. Jan 27th 2021
At 0807hrs 80 units were dispatched to assist Monessen Fire Companies with an fire alarm sounding in a local high rise. Command arrived on scene and found a culinary mishap and returned all mutual aid...
Tue. Jan 26th 2021
80 units were dispatched to assist Belle Vernon Fire Co at 1039hrs for an alarm activation at a local high rise. Command arrived on scene and found a culinary mishap and returned all mutual aid. 80 un...
News Headlines
Sun. Jan 17th 2021
Please be careful when changing your old halogen lightbulb tubes over to LED. You need to use the conversion kit and cannot plug the LED tubes into the halogen ballast this will cause a fire.
Thu. Dec 24th 2020
The 2021 Chiefs and Business Officers were elected at the 2nd meeting in November. The Chiefs will appoint the Captain, Lieutenants, and Safety Officers at the beginning of the year.Chief Kurt Parshal...
Wed. Dec 23rd 2020
In October our members purchased a 2020 Ford F350 with a utility bed as a new Squad. The truck is in service and is continuing to be fitted with updated equipment to further help us better serve the g...
Tue. Dec 22nd 2020
Santa came to North Belle Vernon and rode around the borough with the elves from NBVFD. Our crew gave out over 200 treat bags to the children of North Belle Vernon. The officers and members had a grea...
Mon. Dec 14th 2020
We got some big news yesterday Santa will be coming to town on Monday December 21st starting at 6pm. We will be coming around on the trucks and passing treats out to all the good boys and girls.
About Us

Westmoreland County was created by an Act of Assembly, approved by Gov. Richard Penn, on February 26, 1773.  The word "Westmoreland " means Land of the Western Moors.  At one time Westmoreland County included all the territory that encompasses the present Westmoreland, Washington, Fayette, Greene, Allegheny, Butler, Beaver, Crawford, Erie, Mercer and Lawrence counties and portions of Indiana, Armstrong, Venango and Warren counties.  Rostraver Twp., our friends immediately to the east, was one of the first 11 townships established by the courts.  99 years later, on April 9, 1872, L. M. Speer laid out what was to become North Belle Vernon.  The words "Belle Vernon" mean Beautiful Green.  It is believed that L. M. Speer stood across the river, on what is now the Borough of Speers, and looked at Belle Vernon Borough.  The entire "bluff" above Belle Vernon was tree covered and located away from the many businesses located along the river.  The new location was developed as a residential area and was not easy to access from the already established business oriented town.  He wanted to maintain the Beautiful Green thought and added the word "North" to differentiate the new developments.  North Belle Vernon was officially Incorporated as a borough on February 26, 1876.  Sam Dougherty, a carpenter and early pioneer to North Belle Vernon, was probably one of the most influential men in the early history of the borough and has ties to the current fire department.  He established a school in his carpenters shop along with an area for local government activities.  Along with being a carpenter he served as Justice of the Peace, Councilman, School Director and Judge of Elections.  On July 17, 1876 he was instrumental in building the first schoolhouse located near the center of the borough on Graham St.  The schoolhouse continued to grow and eventually housed Kindergarten through 12th grade and covered 3/4 of a city block.  Schools grew and merged.  North Belle Vernon schools became Vernon Joint Schools, then Bellmarette Joint Schools, then Belle Vernon Area Schools.  After the school was closed, Heritage Hills Christian Academy and Tabernacle occupied the building.  The next owner of the property was the North Belle Vernon Fire Department.  Our present fire station sits on this property.


The North Belle Vernon Fire Department was organized in December of 1895.  Our equipment consisted of a hose cart, 500' of hose and a straight tip nozzle.  The hose cart was housed in various garages throughout the borough until more modern equipment was purchased and a building was erected at the site of our present public works garage.  In 1959 a fire station-police station-council chambers-library was erected on Arch St.




We outgrew the building and found ourselves renting space to house all of our vehicles.  The old schoolhouse was purchased and demolished.  Our new station was constructed with enough room to house all of our vehicles in drive-through bays, provide offices for the chiefs and administrative officers, a meeting/training room, a day room for member comforts, a kitchen and ample storage areas.  Recently a helo-stop was constructed and a training structure was added.

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